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King Island

Cape Wickham, Ocean Dunes
Luxury isn't always a choice, for some, it’s a lifestyle.

King Island

Cape Wickham Golf Course: A Haven for Golf Enthusiasts

Unravelling the beauty and serenity encapsulated in golf isn't the same everywhere, but have you tried experiencing the grandeur at the Cape Wickham Golf Course?

Cape Wickham Golf Course: A Majestic Experience

Undoubtedly one of the grandest jewels in Australia's sporting crown, the Cape Wickham Golf course offers an unmatched experience that is as challenging as it is breathtaking. Overlooking the picturesque waters of Bass Strait and majestic cape views, the course offers an 18-hole journey that tests your golfing skills amidst an incredible landscape.

Why Choose Cape Wickham?

What sets the Cape Wickham golf course apart from the others? This question might be tinkling in your mind, but let's unravel the answer.

  • Fantastic Links Layout: The undulating terrain, windswept greens, and strategic water hazards

  • Breathtaking Scenery: Standing firmly at the edge of King Island, the course boasts panoramic

  • World-class Facility: From warm-up areas, hire equipment to expert instructors, the club

Mastering the Course: Peculiar Challenges

Does Cape Wickham golf course offer a challenge for seasoned players? A resounding yes! Each green has been designed to stimulate strategic thinking and skillful execution. The seasonal winds and unique contours of the landscape form a thrilling environment that pushes you to up your game.

A Golfer's Dream: Unrivalled Facilities

The Cape Wickham Golf Course isn’t just about its riveting greens. Off the course, you can enjoy a

pleasant retreat in their contemporary clubhouse. Island accommodation, delicious dining options, practice facilities, and warm hospitality complete your ultimate golfing holiday.

Embrace the Jewel of King Island

Now that you've learned about the exhilarating experience that awaits at Cape Wickham Golf Course, isn't it time to set foot on this stunning landscape? With every swing and putt, you engrain a piece of the course’s unique charm and beauty into your golfing journey.

Whether you're an aspiring golfer or a seasoned pro, the Cape Wickham Golf Course offers a

memorable escape that seamlessly blends sport and scenery. Plan your next golfing adventure and unlock a myriad of experiences waiting at this breathtaking destination.

Ocean Dunes Golf Course: An Epitome of Golfing Excellence

Immerse yourself in the remarkable allure of Ocean Dunes Golf Course, a place where golf buddies share joyous moments and where champions are bred. But what really makes this golf course a mustvisit?

A Blend of Expertise

The Ocean Dunes Golf Course prides itself on its rich history, a testament to decades of golfing know how. But what sets it apart from other golf courses? The answer lies in its course design. Its fairways are not just random grassy meadows; rather, they’re deftly designed to challenge both novice and seasoned golfers. And its intricate bunkers? They're strategically placed, ensuring golfers employ both skill and wit on every hole.

An Authority in The Golf Industry

Over the years, the Ocean Dunes Golf Course has garnered a strong reputation as a leading golf

destination. Surrounded by strikingly beautiful scenery, it's not just a golf course — it's an icon. It has hosted numerous tournaments, establishing its unshakable authority within the world of golf.

The Ocean Dunes Golf Course Experience

Joining a game at the Ocean Dunes is more than just a sporting endeavor; it's an immersion into a world of relaxation, camaraderie, and challenge. The friendly, competitive atmosphere enhances the camaraderie among golfers, while the challenging course layout tests their skills.

While soaking in the stunning view of the oceanic dunes, you may ask yourself, "Have I experienced the ultimate in golfing here at Ocean Dunes?" The answer without a doubt would be a resounding "Yes!" In conclusion, the Ocean Dunes Golf Course embodies an unmatched blend of expertise, authority, experience, and trust. Whether you’re considering a golf getaway or seeking a new golfing challenge, this magnificent course will undoubtedly meet your highest expectations.

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